The Art of Duplication and Simplicity

The Art of Duplication and Simplicity

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By MyTravelBiz™ (MTB)

In the Direct Selling business, duplication and simplicity are co-creative art forms where the latter creates the former. And that is the beauty of what you can achieve as a MyTravelBiz™ (MTB) Representative – You just tell two friends, and they’ll tell two friends, and so on, and so on, and so on.

Atif Kamran, our Founder and President, knows this business skill very well. He has taken it to a whole new level by marrying this proven Direct Selling industry method with travel and the power of Blockchain, creating a global community of Entrepreneurs in the process.

“In Direct Selling, every Representative has heard the word, ‘duplication,’” Kamran said. “Everybody talks about it. ‘Duplication is the key!’ and ‘Duplication makes you successful!’ And it is. But then when I travel around and ask people why they aren’t doing that, I find it is because they make it complicated and difficult. So that is why I say, “simplicity makes the duplication.”

These two words work hand-in-hand by combining the most basic elements, whether that is how to share the MyTravelBiz opportunity, achieve breakeven, or simply follow up with a prospect. By executing them well you can then teach your team how to do the same, so they are successful. If your strategy gets muddled by too many elements, your downline Representatives—those looking up to you for inspiration, direction and help—will be unable to replicate your complicated system.

The key is performing a few simple tasks that, through duplication, will continue to snowball over time, creating a steady increase in your business. This sustainability is what will lead you toward financial freedom.

According to Todd Falcone, a well-known network marketing speaker, independent trainer, author and President of Reach4Success, LLC, duplication is “the Holy Grail of Network Marketing.”

“Duplication roots out of simplicity,” explained Falcone. “True duplication in network marketing only happens when you have a ‘plug and play’ situation for people. If it’s hard, they won’t do it. If it’s confusing, your results will suffer. If it’s not easily understood, many people won’t act.”

32 Languages, 21 Currencies, and still Growing Strong

Of course, offering a great product or service also plays a significant role in your entrepreneurial success. And that is what attracts so many people, both Representatives and Customers, to MyTravel Biz.

We possess a large inventory of hotels, flights, car rentals and coming soon, Holiday packages. Our travel portfolio encompasses over 1 million properties, more than 750 airlines, thousands of rental car locations, and is available in 32 languages and 21 currencies. This diversity allows us to offer the best global travel booking deals conveniently and affordably.

In a traditional Direct Selling company, the Representatives, in addition to their own sales, earn a commission from their Downlines—sales made by the people they recruited into the business. Our Representatives earn the same way, AND they earn commissions from their Uplines—the people who sponsored them to create their own travel business.

We also take this much further in two very substantial ways.

First – We have created a revolutionary Upline Commission structure where earnings are paid on the Team Commission earned by your Sponsor and their Sponsor up to 10 Uplines once you become a “2 Star” or higher. Representatives who have sponsored 10 direct “2 Star” or higher Representatives qualify for the full 10 Upline levels.

Second – Direct, Team and Upline Commissions are registered and paid through blockchain. In fact, Atif and Geraldine Aquino, our Founder and Chief Executive Officer, designed and built the company with its marketing plan to operate on blockchain. That makes MyTravelBiz the first Direct Selling company in the world to do so.

Blockchain technology safely encodes transactions in real time via a digital ledger where information is permanently stored across a network of computers. This removes the traditional practice of placing trust in a single, authoritative, third party entity for data security. As a result, ownership of the transmitted information can only be claimed by one person at a time.

This dedication to innovation and transparency brings peace of mind to our Representatives because the blockchain technology provides “proof of ownership” that can be checked and verified at any time.

And we pay weekly.

“Atif and I deliberately chose to pay our Representatives weekly for several reasons,” Geraldine explained. “One is because we wanted to do all we could to help them with their personal budgeting and financial plans. This is particularly important when you have a family. It makes life very stressful if you’re always worried about how your efforts will balance at the end of the month.”

Using blockchain technology was one way to empower our Representatives to plan financially for both their short and long-term goals.

“It is definitely very time consuming and costs us a lot more to pay on a weekly basis, rather than monthly like most Direct Selling companies,” Geraldine continued. “But we really felt that the benefits far outweighed the challenges. Again, it was about putting our Representatives first.”

“I just asked.”

Like Atif, Geraldine learned the art of duplication and simplicity early in her career, after watching her mother crowned Queen of Recruiting for Mary Kay Cosmetics when Geraldine was young.

She reminisces often on the moment when the president of that company asked her mother, “Well, how did you do it? How did you become the number one recruiter?”

She answered, ‘I just asked.’

“I remember being on stage with her and thinking, ‘That’s such a dumb answer!” Geraldine recalled. “It wasn’t until years later that I realized that was totally the right answer. This business is so simple – you just have to ask. And for someone who was not really outgoing, the business changed her. She took this relatively simple Direct Selling process, followed it and duplicated it. And that’s what I want to do – help other people change their lives. Whether it’s for money or for personal development, it doesn’t matter. Just as long as they can become better versions of themselves.”

And that brings us back to telling two friends, and so on, and so on, and so on.

It’s all about the fine art of duplication and simplicity.

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