Yu Gao

Administrative Assistant & Translator

Yuco is very excited to be part of the MTB team not only because she get to do the job that she loves to do and work with genius and intelligent people but also because that she can witness and participate in this great cause which is how MTB can change people’s lives. With 6 years of interpretation and translation experiences in the industry, Yuco is honored to be able to bridge the communication gap between English speakers and Mandarin speakers. She was born and grew up in China and gained her bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Changchun University of Science and Technology there. Yuco also has a diploma in international business administration from Seneca college in Toronto. Yuco’s professional experiences includes teaching, sales, business intelligence consultant, BI analyst, executive assistant and of course interpreting and translating about which she is so passionate. Yuco is a ILSAT and CILISAT certified Mandarin interpreter, and she has commendable knowledge of interpretation and translation of verbal and written information. Yuco has great confidence that with all her experiences and skills, she can render excellent service to our MTB members.

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