Mark Borromeo

Sales Manager

Mark was drawn to join the MTB team after over 15 years in the Direct Sales industry because the vision of the company so closely aligns with his personal beliefs. He has worked with a multitude of clients across Canada, USA, Europe, Asia, South America and Africa and has a global mindset of inclusion. As an accomplished executive with a diverse background in sales, marketing, and operations, Mark provides a high level of communication, management and training skills to the Corporate Team. Not to mention how his infectious laugh, positive attitude and wicked sense of humor add a joy to the entire team.

Having grown up in the direct sales industry, and after watching his mom build a long-term successful organization in one of the giants in the industry, Mark experienced firsthand how this industry empowers people to achieve their goals on their own terms and improve the lives of their families.  His ardent belief that direct selling offers a route to entrepreneurialism to everyone from all walks of life fuels his career goal – to find people with an entrepreneurial spirit and help them realize their potential to succeed as a Representative.

Mark is excited to be part of the founding team to bring MyTravelBiz to life.  “We have an innovative and life-changing opportunity that is supported with patent-pending technology and the fusion of three powerful industries: Blockchain, Travel and Direct Sales.  MyTravelBiz offers a safe, secure and lucrative business model to people from all cultures and backgrounds.” 

In his downtime Mark enjoys playing tennis, alpine skiing and fishing.  He also loves to travel around the world to see new places and meet new people.  Whether it is riding a bus in Peru, snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef or climbing a volcano in Hawaii, Mark loves to experience new cultures and experience life outside the box!

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MTB is very proud to support the mission of TravelCoin® Foundation by being a founding Corporate Subscriber. The vision TCF has for revolutionizing the travel industry resonates with our own and together we will change the world.

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