Lysa Allman-Baldwin

Copywriter and Editor

For almost 25 years, Lysa Allman-Baldwin has fed her wanderlust for “everything the world has to offer” by writing passionately about travel, cuisine, historic sites and attractions, cultural events and festivals, accommodations, spas, and other travel-related topics for numerous print and online publications. Lysa also writes about business, real estate, neighborhoods, community organizations and consumer issues, she is a Motivational Speaker, and she is the Publisher and
Editor of travel website Amazing Escapades: Adventures for the Mind, Bod and Belly (

“My love and passion for travel is to not only experience the world around me, but to share with others how to broaden their understanding of and appreciation for other people, cultures, cuisine, languages, music, religious traditions, and
ways to give back through travel.”

Lysa’s passion, skills and talent for writing and travel are a perfect fit for MTB’s mission to make travel accessible and convenient for all, and to help people explore the world and take steps toward a better tomorrow. Her parallel loves
are her two teenage sons who possess the travel and gastronomy bugs as well, accompanying her on many sojourns around the globe.

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