Geraldine Aquino

Chief Executive Officer

Geraldine Aquino has been a part of the direct selling industry since she was a child. Having witnessed her mother being crowned as a top recruiter in direct sales, Geraldine learned first-hand how to network and fell in love with an industry that empowers people to change their lives, especially women. Her mantra is to “live life by design not default” and she has built a successful career around helping others to live their lives on their own terms. She has worked as a Senior Executive at top companies in North America and has helped bring start up companies to multi-million dollar success. She brings the best of both worlds: hands-on field experience and a strong corporate background providing her with the passion and skills to steer MyTravelBiz to greatness.

“Travelling is one of my passions. I believe travel can help us understand other cultures and perspectives; become more tolerant; live in less fear of our differences; overcome prejudices and misconceptions and bring the world closer together. Through MyTravelBiz, my hope is to show the world that we are all the same inside. Whether you live in the east or the west, we all love our children, we all want the best for our family and friends, we all want peace. When you spend time in different countries and take the time to meet the local people you will come to know that diversity is worth celebrating.”

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MTB is very proud to support the mission of TravelCoin® Foundation by being a founding Corporate Subscriber. The vision TCF has for revolutionizing the travel industry resonates with our own and together we will change the world.

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