Atif Kamran


Atif Kamran has been in the direct selling industry for over 15 years. He has lived and worked in a number of countries in Asia, Middle East and Europe. Atif has travelled in over 60 countries in almost all continents of the world and has trained hundreds of thousands of people on topics of personal and professional development. Amid his long list of successes, he has built organizations of up to 6 million accounts. He co-founded another successful global direct selling company with over three hundred thousand Members around the world. He has been awarded the prestigious Businessman of the Year 2017 award in the UK. He has also received the Industry Innovation award in Canada. Atif has accomplished so much as a truly inspiring leader. He believes in the power of the human spirit and gets his energy from helping people become better versions of themselves. He is a global personality not only because of the span of his experience but also because of the loyal following he has around the globe.

Atif believes, “Your efforts get stored in your effort bank. You will either get paid now or later. So, carry on depositing by working hard and do not worry about the payout…it will come.”

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