General FAQs

How much can I earn?

You can earn as much, or as little as you set your mind to. The more travel products you sell on your travel shop, the more you earn in commission and the bigger you build your team the more you can earn through sales with our Pay for Performance Marketing Plan. You are the CEO of your own travel business, backed by our World Class service, support and unique product offerings.

MTB provides the opportunity and the training, what you earn is based upon the effort you put into your MTB business.

How much can I save on my own trips?

The savings depend on where and when you plan to travel. You can compare our pricing with other online travel platforms such as Expedia and you will see that in most cases our pricing is lower because we offer exclusive deals.

Become an MTB Travel Rep and in addition to the savings by booking on our MTB travel platform you can earn up to $10,000 per year in travel rebates as well as commissions on customer purchases.

Do I need special training to own my travel business?

From the moment you become an MTB Travel Representative you partner with us in a real and unique way. First, our patented travel platform allows you and your customers to plan the perfect trip. Whether it be a business trip or a dream vacation, you are connected to the best deals in the best locations. Second, you are connected to a support team that is knowledgeable in both travel and direct sales, you are never in business alone.

How much does it cost?

You can join as an MTB Travel Representative by purchasing either the Business Class Pack or the First Class Pack.

  • The Business Class Pack is available for US $1200.
  • The First Class Pack is available for US $5000.

Refund Policy

You may cancel your Business or First Class Product Pack at any time up to 14 days after delivery of your order which is indicated by sending a welcome email. To exercise your right of cancellation, please email Support@MyTravelBiz.com. Refunds are issued based on the payment method used at the time of purchase.

How do I get started?

Contact the MTB Representative who introduced you to MTB for the link to their MTB Travel store. Then click on “Become A Rep” and follow the easy steps to get started.

If you were not introduced by one of our current MTB Representatives, simply go to www.MyTravelBiz.com and click on “Become A Rep” and follow the easy steps to get started.

How long does it take to get started in my new travel business?

You can easily register by clicking on the “Become A Rep” link from either the person’s site who referred you or on our www.MyTravelBiz.com site. After completing your registration, you will then receive a welcome email which will provide you with the steps to getting started. This email will contain your login information for your personal MTB Travel store, your MTB Business Centre, and instructions on how to begin sharing your personal MTB Travel store with everyone you know.

If you get started right now, you can potentially have your customers using your MTB Travel store in a few hours to book their travel with you. It is that simple and it is that powerful.

What do I get with my Business Class Pack or First Class Pack?

Here is what is included with each pack:

Full Travel Product Suite

Over 1 Million properties, Over 750 airlines, Thousands of rental car locations, Unlimited vacation packages and Patent-pending technology

Account Holder Travel Insurance Package $250
Travel Insurance for a Guest $250
Account Holder Priority Pass™ $399
Priority Pass™ for a companion $399
VIP Welcome Pack

MTB Representative ID card, Elegant MTB Representative Pin, Personalized MTB Passport to record all the fun places you will visit and MTB events you will attend, Premium leather luggage tag, Commemorative TravelCoin, and MTB deluxe USB card

Standard Welcome Pack

Digital MTB Representative ID card, Elegant
MTB Representative Pin received at first event

Advanced Marketing Resource Kit

10 MTB Global Marketing Plan brochures, 1 Rank Award Flyer, 10 professionally designed personalized Referral Postcards, 10 professionally designed social media banners, Multiple business card templates, Customized media kit

Standard Marketing Resource Kit

Three professionally designed social media
banners, Business card template

Customized Customer Support Plan

Online and live Representative Support, Toll free customized support line for your travel customers, Access to training webinars, Personal coaching

Standard Customer Support Plan

Online Representative Support, Online and live
support for your travel customers

Customized Online Travel Store $9,052
Standard Online Travel Store $2,980
Global Managed Payment Solution
32 languages, 21 currencies
TOTAL VALUE $5,000 $15,000

How do I find customers?

Once you have made the exciting decision to become an MTB Representative you can immediately begin sharing your MTB Travel website with everyone you know. We know that most people either have travelled, will travel or dream of travelling and by sharing your unique MTB Travel link with the world you are offering the opportunity for others to take advantage of the incredible travel saving you can offer as an MTB Representative. Invite others through social media, email, or text message to compare pricing and options and you will see your customer list grow.

Why is this better than starting my own traditional travel business?

Starting your own travel business from scratch is cost and time prohibitive. You must develop relationships with thousands of suppliers, develop a platform that delivers real time options to your customers, set up 24/7 customer support in multiple languages, ensure the options you offer are high quality, create the infrastructure to handle your growing business and so much more.

MTB offers you a patented travel platform that provides the most competitive suite of travel options and pricing on the market today. We take care of the support, quality business infrastructure and growth and we pay you substantial commissions to promote a better travel option to everyone you know.

In addition, our marketing plan allows you to build a team of travel affiliates who also build a business and you earn commissions on their sales.

Will my MTB business be competitive with other online travel businesses (like Expedia)?

As an MTB Representative you have access to top commissions, training and support, tools and technology and partnerships many host agencies do not offer. When you become an MTB Representative you receive your own easy to personalize website, and with our partnerships you can confidently offer a lowest rate guarantee.

What countries can I build my business in?

Antigua and Barbuda
Bahamas, The
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Burkina Faso
Cabo Verde
Central African Republic
Congo, Democratic Republic of the
Congo, Republic of the
Costa Rica
Cote d’Ivoire
Dominican Republic
East Timor (see Timor-Leste)
El Salvador
Equatorial Guinea
Gambia, The

Hong Kong
Marshall Islands
New Zealand

Palestinian Territories
Papua New Guinea
Saint Kitts and Nevis
Saint Lucia
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
San Marino
Sao Tome and Principe
Saudi Arabia
Sierra Leone
Sint Maarten
Solomon Islands
South Africa
South Korea
South Sudan
Sri Lanka
Trinidad and Tobago
United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom
Vatican City

Can I sign up with a partner?

We do not allow co-applicants. Each Representative has an account assigned to them at the time of sign up. This account tracks sales, gives access to our website tools and identifies you when contacting us for Representative Care assistance. We have various programs and incentives throughout the year, and we can only recognize the person associated with the account.

How much can I save on my travel as a customer?

The savings depend on where and when you plan to travel. You can compare our pricing with other online travel platforms such as Expedia and you will see that in most cases our pricing is lower because we offer exclusive deals.

How easy is it to book travel?

It is as simple as 1 – 2 –3!

  1. Enter your search criteria for your travel.
  2. Review the multiple options presented to you and pick the one right for you.
  3. Click Book Now and pay for your travel selection.

How is MTB different from Expedia?

When you become an MTB Representative you receive your own easy to personalize website. We also provide a lowest rate guarantee and will match an online competitor’s lower rate for the same itinerary (some conditions apply).

Marketing Plan FAQs

What is a TravelCoin?

TravelCoin is the first digital coin exclusively developed for the travel industry. MTB is a Corporate Subscriber of TravelCoin Foundation and rewards our MTB Representatives with TravelCoins. Participating in our Rank Awards program is a benefit you enjoy as you continue to build and develop your business. You can learn all about TravelCoin by visiting the TravelCoin Foundation at www.travelcoin.org.

How do I earn commissions?

Commissions are earned when your customers purchase travel products from your personal MTB Travel site. The MyTravelBiz Marketing Plan is one of the most generous marketing plans available and your efforts are rewarded through Retail Sales Commissions, Direct Commissions, Team Commissions, Upline Commissions and Rebate Commissions. Click here to view the MTB Marketing Plan now for more details.

What type of support is available to help me build my business?

From the moment you decide to become an MTB Representative you have access to instant on demand training, webinars, online and live support. Your support team is comprised of MTB staff with years of experience in both direct sales and travel. You are never alone in your business as our focus is helping you set and achieve your goals for success.

Is there a cap to my commission earnings?

Retail, Direct and Upline commissions are unlimited.

Retail Commission limit: Retail Commissions are unlimited. The more product you sell from your Online Travel Store, the more Retail Commission you may earn.

Direct Commission limit: Direct Commissions are unlimited. The more product you sell, the more Direct Commission you may earn.

Upline Commission limit: Upline Commissions are unlimited. You may earn Upline Commission based on the Team Commission your Upline earned which is based on the product sales in their teams.

Team Commission limit: Business Class Packs may earn up to $15,000 in Team Commission every week based on the product sales in your Lesser Team.

What is LCV?

LCV stands for Lifetime Commissionable Volume which is all the CVs accumulated from the first day of achieving Silver Rank to date. Accumulated CVs are used for Rank qualification.

When does a sale count towards my commission?

A travel product sale counts toward your commissions on the last day of the following month after the product has been been taken by the customer.

A Product Package sale counts toward your commission on the Tuesday following the 14 day holding period.

What happens if my customer wishes to cancel their trip?

Each travel selection is subject to various cancellation policies, however it is simple for your customer to cancel and/or rebook a trip online. If a travel product is cancelled, the commission for the sale is removed from the pending commission status and will not be paid out.

How many levels up am I paid (upline commission)?

All 2 Star and higher Ranks qualify to receive Upline Commission. You can earn up to 30% of your Upline Team Commission based upon Upline Commission Charts below.

First Class Representatives who have sponsored 10 direct 2 Star or higher MTB Representatives qualify for the full 10 Upline levels.

First Class Upline Commission

Direct 2 Star
Direct 2 Star
Upline Levels
Upline sponsor Level
Commission earned on
Upline’s team commision
10 10 1%
9 9 1%
8 8 2%
7 7 2%
6 6 3%
5 5 3%
4 4 4%
3 3 4%
2 2 5%
1 1 5%

Business Class Upline Commission

Direct 2 Star
Number of directly sponsored
2 Star Reps on your team
Upline Levels
Upline sponsor Level
Commission earned on
Upline’s team commision
5 5 1%
4 4 2%
3 3 3%
2 2 4%
1 1 5%

Is there a yearly renewal fee?

Yes. The renewal fee for the Business Class Pack is $200 per year. The renewal fee for the First Class Pack is $1000 per year.

  • If you purchase your Pack during the Launch Incentive Period, you will receive the benefit of 5 years Free Renewal.

What services or products are included in the renewal fee?

The services and products MyTravelBiz Representatives need to operate their business are included in the renewal fee:  the travel platform, online travel store, the Representative back office, technology updates, payment provider system and support. 

Can I upgrade to the First Class Pack if I purchase a Business Pack first?

Yes. You have 14 days from the date of original purchase to upgrade from the Business Class Pack to the First Class Pack for only the $3,800 US difference in price.

How do I upgrade from the Business Class Pack to the First Class Pack?

You may select the Upgrade button on your MTB Rep Centre Dashboard and follow the steps to upgrade. If it is within the first 14 days after your initial purchase, you will be asked to pay the difference in price between the packages ($3,800). If it is after the 14-day upgrade period then the upgrade from Business Class to First Class is $5000.

I purchased the Business Class pack during the incentive and received the 5 Year Free Renewal. I would now like to upgrade to the First Class pack for $5000 (it is past the 14 day upgrade window). Will the remainder of my 5 Year Free Renewal still apply?

The 5 Year Free Renewal is an incentive and is applicable to packages purchased while the incentive is running. If you purchased your Business Class pack during the incentive you will receive the 5 Year Free Renewal on our Business Class Pack. Please see the scenarios below for upgrading during the and after the incentive period:

  • Purchased the Business Class Pack during the 5 Year Free Renewal Incentive and upgraded to the First Class Pack while the incentive was still running: Yes the 5 Year Free Renewal applies to the First Class Upgrade.
  • Purchased the Business Class Pack during the 5 Year Free Renewal Incentive and upgraded to the First Class Pack but the 5 Year Free Renewal Incentive was no longer running: No, the 5 Year Free Renewal will not apply to the First Class Upgrade.
  • Purchased the Business Class Pack during the Super Upgrade Incentive (First Class Benefits for the price of Business Class) while the 5 Year Renewal Incentive was also running: The Package will revert to the Business Class Package benefits at the end of the 12 months after the initial purchase and the 5 Year Renewal will apply to the Business Class Package.

If my Team Member upgrades from the Business Class Pack to the First Class Pack, do I receive the difference in LCV from the purchase?

Yes. If your Team Member upgrades during their first 14 days for the difference in price, you receive the difference in LCV.

If your Team Member upgrades after their first 14 days and pays the $5000 for the Upgrade, you receive the full 4000 LCV from the First Class Upgrade purchase.

I am in my Fast Start period and would like to upgrade. What will I receive with my upgrade order?

If a representative upgrades within their first 14 days, they will receive CV on their Left and Right teams as they are still in their Fast Start period and the representative will receive TLC rank awards. The fee for upgrading within the first 14 days is $3,800. The representative will receive one additional  Priority Pass code.

I signed up 3 months ago and would like to upgrade. What will I receive with my upgrade order?

If a rep upgrades after their first 14 days, the upgrade order is $5,000 as their Fast Start period has expired.  Since they are not in their Fast Start period, they will not receive CV on their Left and Right teams, and the upgrade order will not count towards rank promotion.  The uplines will receive LCV. If the upgrade order is $5,000 the representative will receive 2 new Priority Pass codes as well as all of the other benefits that are included in the First Class Product Pack.

As an MTB Representative, am I an employee of MTB?

No, you are an Independent Contractor. You are responsible for filing your own Income Tax. As an Independent Contractor, you may be eligible to take advantage of the tax savings of running a home-based business. Consult a tax advisor familiar with the direct sales industry for more information.

Can I use the MTB Logo on a business opportunity invitation or advertisement?

You may certainly use the MTB logo in materials, however, we ask that you submit your flyer or advertisement to us by email for approval before publishing. Please send your request to Support@MyTravelBiz.com.

Can I use MTB’s name in my email address?

Representatives cannot use the name of MTB or MyTravelBiz in their email addresses.

MTB Business Centre FAQs

How do I access my MTB Business Centre?

Go to www.MyTravelBiz.com and click Sign In. Enter your email address and the password you set when you enrolled to access your MTB Business Centre.

I forgot my password, how can I access my MTB Business Centre?

Just select “Forgot Password” at the login screen. You will be asked for the email address you used to create your account. You will be sent an email (to your registered email address) with a link to reset your password. Simply follow the instructions on the email.

I enrolled and clicked on my verification link in my email, it didn’t work, why?

The verification email link must be activated within 24 hours for security purposes. If you have tried to click on the link after 24 hours and received an error, please contact support at Support@MyTravelBiz.com for a new link.

What is KYC?

KYC is an industry standard term for Know Your Customer. This is a regulatory requirement to ensure your identity is verified and your information and account is protected.

Why would I change my placement rule?

Your placement rule determines where your next directly sponsored Team Representative will be placed. Your choices are Left side and Right side and the placement rule allows you to choose which leg you would like the new MTB Team Representative to join. You may also leave the setting to Automatic (this is the default setting upon joining MTB), and this permits the system to automatically add your New Team Members to the lesser team based on total active and pending CV.

It is very important that you have this rule set correctly prior to your new Team Representative joining as reversing it is difficult. If you have selected the wrong leg, it is very important that you contact Service & Support by sending an email immediately. This rule cannot be changed if the next commission close after they have joined has been completed.

To change your placement rule, follow the steps below:

In your Business Centre, Select the third icon “Placement Manager

The default placement setting is “Automatic.” If you wish to change the setting to “Bottom Right” or “Bottom Left,” click on the radio button to the left.

My new recruit joined on the wrong side. He was supposed to join on my right and ended up on my left. Can I switch this?

You may request this be changed if your request is done before the next commission close after the new recruit joined. Please send an email to Support@MyTravelBiz.com to report the error and Representative Support will contact you with the details involved in making this change. If a commission close has occurred since you added the Team Member to the wrong side, we are unable to make the change as commissions and awards will have been allocated to this new Representative’s enrollment.

When does the week close? When is the Pay Period?

MyTravelBiz’ Pay Period runs from Monday to Sunday. The week closes every Sunday at 11:59 pm ET. The compensation plan runs after a two week holding period.

Every Tuesday after the pay run, MyTravelBiz pays out all the commissions to Representatives’ Commission Account.

For example: For pay period Monday, May 1, 2017 to Sunday, May 7, 2017 the computer executes the pay run on Tuesday, May 23, 2017.

Can I transfer my position to someone else?

Yes you may transfer your MTB business to another person. Please contact Representative Support for the Transfer of Ownership form.

We will need a copy of your photo ID and that of the new owner. This will need to be emailed to our Representative Support team from your registered email address. Please note – when a transfer of ownership has been approved and completed by us, the KYC details for the new owner will be reset. They will need to be approved again. MTB reserves the right to decline any requests to change ownership of a member account.

I recently moved, how do I change my address information?

Change of address  may be completed by selecting the Profile tab.

If your address is changing to a different country,  you will need to email your MTB Representative Support team (from your registered email address.)  Please send your request to Support@MyTravelBiz.com and  include proof of residency in the new country, along with the Change of Details form. This form is available in your backoffice under Calendar/Documents.

Please note if the account has already been KYC verified, verification will be required again.

I want to change the name of my personal MTB Travel site, how do I do this?

You will need to email your MTB Representative Support team (from your registered email address.) Please send your request to Support@MyTravelBiz.com along with the Change of Details form. This form is available in your backoffice under Calendar/Documents.

How do I change my sponsor?

The integrity of the lines of sponsorship is fundamental to the organization’s functionality and success. Once an MTB Travel Rep is sponsored the Company believes in protecting his/her relationship to the fullest extent possible. However, the following exceptions may be made at the sole discretion of the Company:

(i) By terminating the Representative Agreement and remaining inactive for a period of six (6) months before re-applying under a different sponsor;

(ii) In the case of proven unethical sponsoring by the original sponsor; or

(iii) In exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the Company.

Only the Representative position will be transferred, any and all downline from the original placement will remain there.

I believe that someone else has gained access to my account. What can I do?

We take the security of all our Representative accounts very seriously. It is imperative that you also make your best efforts to protect all sensitive information relating to your account. Please do NOT share your password with anyone. Please do NOT share your security question and answer with anyone else.

If you have any evidence that leads you to believe that someone has gained access to your account you must contact our Representative Support team immediately (from your registered email). We will investigate it as a matter of urgency.

Where can I see how my team is doing?

From Rep Centre, go to Reports > Downline Activity

Select the tab “Orders” – these are orders from your Downline.

Select the tab “New Reps” – these are the new reps that signed up in your Downline.

Where can I find a list of my Team?

In Rep Centre > Reports > Downline Activity

Select “Drill Down Binary” from the tab – this will list all the Representatives in your downline.

What is Drill Down Sponsor?

Drill Down Sponsor are all the Representatives that you have personally sponsored.

Product FAQs

What is Priority Pass?

Priority Pass is the world’s leading airport lounge access program, providing an airport lounge for wherever your travel takes you. When you join MTB you become an Elite traveller and every journey begins with a stress-free visit to one of over 1000 airport lounges worldwide.

When will I receive my Priority Pass Membership card?

You will receive your Priority Pass access code after your product pack order has gone through a commission close.

How do I add my +1 Priority Pass if I purchased the First Class Package?

When you log in to your Dashboard,  you will see several  boxes, one of which is a Priority Pass box. Select the box and follow the steps.  

Where can I use the Priority Pass?

Priority Pass with MTB offers you access to over 1000 airport lounges worldwide. For a complete list please visit prioritypass.com.

How much do I pay to bring a guest into the Priority Pass lounge?

As an MTB Travel Representative you receive free access to over 1000 airport lounges worldwide and you may bring a guest to enjoy the lounge with you for only $27.00.

Can my Priority Pass Membership be used by someone else?

No. The Priority Pass membership card is non-transferable. When you access lounge, the staff will check that the name on your card matches your boarding pass.

I lost my Priority Pass card, how do I get a new one?

Lost, stolen or damaged Priority Pass membership cards should be reported immediately to the Priority Pass Membership Services team, who will provide you with a replacement membership card, issued within 3 working days. Delivery time varies depending on location. Please visit prioritypass.com/delivery-guidelines  directly for more information.

How do I get more information about my Priority Pass Membership with MTB?

Please visit prioritypass.com and select the Member Support tab for more information.

How do I apply the travel insurance to my trip?

Travel medical insurance  is provided on a trip per trip basis when Representatives travel outside of their home country and meet the following:

  1. Representatives must be logged in to their travel store.
  2. Representative must be listed as the first person on the itinerary.
  3. The email used for the booking must be the Representative’s registered email address on file with MTB.

Travel medical insurance will be provided to First Class Representatives travelling with a guest. The guest must be listed as the second person on the itinerary.

What is the coverage in the travel insurance package?

Travel medical insurance is provided when Representatives book travel on their MTB website and their destination is out of their home country. Coverage is up to $50,000 with no deductible.

What is the maximum number of days covered under travel medical insurance?

Travel Insurance is on a per trip basis for a maximum of 28 days per trip.

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MTB is very proud to support the mission of TravelCoin® Foundation by being a founding Corporate Subscriber. The vision TCF has for revolutionizing the travel industry resonates with our own and together we will change the world.

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